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The following are the scientists who have received the Tsunami Society Awards in recent years.



At the 5th International Tsunami Symposium at the European Commision's Joint Research Centre, in Ispra, Italy

Dr. Charles L. Mader

Dr. Charles L. Mader was presented with the Tsunami Society International life-long award for for his research work at the U.S. Los  Alamos  Scientific Laboratory, his close co-operation on tsunami research with scientists at the University of Hawaii, for his publication of books entitled "Numerical Modeling of Detonations" and the two editions of "Numerical  Modeling  of  Explosives and Propellants" - the latter pertaining on what is being done with state-of-the-art, high-performance computers which allow allow for rapid solution of highly complex Navier-Stokes and other equations that describe wave generation, wave energy propagation, as well as the adaptation of new codes that can result in accurate simulations of waves generated from a variety of source mechanisms - whether earthquakes, landslides, explosions, or the impact of asteroids.

Dr. Alessandro Annunziato

Dr. Alessandro Annunziato was presented with the award of Tsunami Society International for his work on Nuclear Engineering and more specifically on the Design Basis Accident Analysis of reactors and Fuel Coolant Interaction in case of Severe Accidents, as well as his involvement at the European Commission's Joint Research Centre (EC-JRC) in Ispra, Italy,, in the development of Crisis Management Technologies and Tools and all the automatic procedures for the analysis of Tsunamis in real time that is currently in use at the Crisis Room of EC-JRC.

Prof. Barbara Theilen-Willige

Dr. Barbara Thielen-Willige was presented with the award of Tsunami Society International for her work at Berlin University of Technology, Institute of Applied Geosciences and at the Bureau of Applied Geoscientific Remote Sensing in Germany, in the fields of GeoInformation Systems (GIS) and the integrated geomorphologic and geologic evaluation of satellite imageries and aerial photographs. More specifically, for her use of GIS integrated geo-scientific evaluation of remote sensing data and the use of weighted overlay methods in ArcGIS for the detection of areas susceptible to tsunami flooding due to their morphometric properties.

Prof. Dan Palermo

Dr. Dan Palermo was presented with the award of Tsunami Society International for his engineering research work at the University of Ottawa on tsunami loads on infrastructure facilities and on experimental and numerical modelling of tsunami-induced hydrodynamic forces on structures.

Prof. Tomoya Shibayama

Dr. Tomoya Shibayama was presented with the award of Tsunami Society International for his outstanding research work in Civil, Environmental and coastal Engineering at Waseda University in Tokyo and as Director of the Composed Crisis Institute, for his thorough evaluation of the 2011 Tohoku tsunami disaster with emphasis on future coastal protection that will help mitigate the impact of tsunamis in Japan.


Professor Efim Pelinovsky was presented with the award of Tsunami Society International for his research work on fluid dynamics with emphasis on tsunamis, at the Nizhny Novgorod State University, the Institute of Applied Physics of the Russian Academy of Sciences in Novgorod, as well for his research at the State Technical University and at the Higher School of Economics.



At the 4th International Tsunami Symposium in Toronto, Canada

Professor Tad S. Murty

Tsunami Award for Life-Long Achievements in Tsunami Research since 1967was awarded to Professor Tad S. Murty of the University of Ottawa. Professor Murty was elected to the IUGG Tsunami Commisssion in 1971, and later served as senior vice chairman and chairman. During 1984 to 1994 he served as scientific editor of Science of Tsunami Hazards. In 1977 he wrote a book on tsunamis and edited another book in 2006. Over the years he specialized in the mathematical modelling of tsunami hydrodynamics, with particular emphasis on resonance amplification. Additionally, since 1967 onwards he represented Canada in governmental committees and meetings related to tsunamis.

Professor Maria Ana Baptista

Professor Maria Ana Baptista of the University of Lisbon in Portugal, for her many achievements, including her instrumental role and progress being made in establishing an early warning system in the Northeast Atlantic Area with the Portuguese Tsunami Warning System (PtTWS) in Lisbon becoming the operational regional warning center, with assistance from the European Commision Joint Research Centre, the University Ibn Tofail in Morocco and other Institutes in Portugal and the European Union.

Professor Ioan Nistor

Professor Ioan Nistor of the University of Ottawa in Canada for his many achievements and publications, including his world leading research on tsunami forces on structures with numerical as well as laboratory modelling.

Dr. Andrey Marchuk

Dr. Andrey Marchuk, leading researcher at the Institute of Computational Mathematics and Mathematical Geophysics of the Russian Academy of Sciences at Novosibirsk, Russia, for his numerical modelling studies of tsunami wave propagation. Accepting the award on his behalf was Dr. Lucinda Leonard of the Geologic Survey of Canada, in Sidney, B.C.



Dr. Zygmunt Kowalik
Dr. Zygmunt Kowalik has been the world leader in numerical modeling of tsunami waves for three decades. His books, papers and codes are used around the world. He has been a leader in the development of the WCATWC tsunami hazard prediction methodology. His techniques are the ones being used to make predictions of the Gulf and Atlantic Coast Tsunami threats.

Dr. Eddie Bernard
Dr. Eddie Bernard was the first scientist to numerically model a Tsunami wave interacting with the Hawaiian island chain. He was the director of PTWC in 1977-1980 where he initiated a major upgrade of the tsunami warning system. He has been director of PMEL since 1982 where he has supported tsunami research and was the leader of the development of the DART tsunami gauge which have been so successful that they are scheduled to be installed in all the oceans of the world.

Mrs. Karen O'Loughlin
Mrs. Karen O'Loughlin compiled the tsunami data book on the Caribbean tsunamis and the tsunami data bases for the four Oceans along with Jim Lander, who received the Tsunami award in 1999. The data bases are essential to the science of tsunami hazards.

Dr. Barbara Keating
Dr. Barbara Keating has been a world leader in the study of gas hydrates as a possible trigger for underwater landslides and tsunamis. She went to the Maldives after the Indian ocean Tsunami and performed a survey of the tsunami damage. For the first time a tsunami survey included a survey of the human terror and personal loss and displacement of the victims rather than just the wave heights and inundation limits.



Mr. Thomas J. Sokolowski
Mr. Thomas J. Sokolowski has contributed to the tsunami warning science at the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center and the West Coast and Alaska Tsunami Warning Center where he has been the director for many years. He is a leader in the development and evaluation of techniques for real-time prediction of tsunami amplitudes outside the tsunami generating area and in the computed aided tsunami hazard evaluation.

Dr. George Pararas-Carayannis
Dr. George Pararas-Carayannis was a co-founder and officer (Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer) of the Tsunami Society. He served as the Tsunami Advisor for the State of Hawaii Civil Defense for over 20 years. While he was the Director of the International Tsunami Information Center he achieved outstanding success in promoting international cooperation in tsunami warning and disaster mitigation. Recently he has built an award winning Tsunami web site and published a book describing the tsunami threat to California entitled "The Big One - The next Great California Earthquake."



Dr. Doak C. Cox
Dr. Doak C. Cox created Hawaii's first tsunami evacuation map and dedicated himself to collecting historical data on the effects of Hawaii tsunamis. His work provides the data base for evaluating tsunami hazards and testing tsunami models.

Mr. George D. Curtis
Mr. George D. Curtis is the Tsunami Advisor to the Island of Hawaii Civil Defense Agency and spent a decade developing the present Hawaii tsunami evacuation maps.

Dr. Augustine Furumoto
Dr. Augustine Furumoto was the Hawaii State Tsunami Advisor for many years. He developed a method for evaluating the tsunami risk to Hawaii based on an earthquake's source.

Dr. Daniel A. Walker
Dr. Daniel A. Walker is the Oahu Civil Defense Tsunami Advisor. He has spent his own money to develop tsunami hazard literature and has taught thousands of children how to save their lives in the event of a tsunami. He also developed and placed tsunami inundation measurement devices across the state at his own expense.

Mr. James F. Lander
Mr. James F. Lander is retired from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration where he continues to collect and publish tsunami data and to alert areas of the world, such as the Caribbean, to the tsunami hazards they face.




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