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The SCIENCE OF TSUNAMI HAZARDS (STH) is a scholarly international journal published for more than 25 years by the Tsunami Society. The Journal covers various research results and interdisciplinary studies dealing with different aspects of the tsunami hazards - not readily found in other journals. The use of the journal by the international scientific community was considerably expanded when it begun being published in electronic format. An archive of all past journals has been hosted at the U.S. Los Alamos National Laboratory website and now serves as a mirror storage site. This archive, duplicated and expanded presently at this website, contains hundreds of scientific papers and represents a very extensive reference resource and database used presently by tsunami researchers around the world.


All papers submitted for publication in the SCIENCE OF TSUNAMI HAZARDS undergo a peer review process by the Editor, members of the Editorial Board and reviewers with specialized expertise. The "peer review" process is standardized to make the editing job easier and to ensure that the journal meets high and thorough standards of scholarly excellence. The following is a summary of guidelines that govern and streamline the "peer-review" process for manuscripts submitted for publication.

The Editor and at least two members of the editorial board provide initial reviews for each submitted manuscript. The manuscript is then sent to one or two other colleagues with specialized expertise for additional "peer-review" and evaluation. The extensive review process - which may take up to a month - ensures the highest standards of professional quality for papers which may be subsequently accepted for publication. The evaluation determines whether the submission represents original research results and studies that can make a valuable contribution to the understanding of the tsunami hazards, or whether further work or clarification is needed before publishing.
The peer-review process is straightforward. When a manuscript is submitted for publication, the Editor or a member of the Editorial board initiates contact with the potential peer reviewers from a roster of experts by means of an e-mail inquiry. Once assigned, copies of the paper (without the authors name) and the accompanying illustrations are sent to two reviewers, who are given approximately two to four weeks to complete their evaluation. Guidelines and a response form are provided with each paper to facilitate the process. The response form may include additional comments.

Reviewers are asked in the evaluation form to consider and grade the following criteria:

Does the paper contribute new knowledge to the understanding of the tsunami hazards?
Are the concepts in the paper based on thorough research, including investigation of original source materials and a comprehensive knowledge of the subject?
Does the paper contain purely speculative material?
Does the paper cover its stated objective?
Is there sufficient evidence to support the author's premise?
Is the information accurate and consistent?
Is background information treated adequately?
Are descriptions clear and presented in enough detail?
Does the title reflect clearly the content of the article?
Should the text be expanded or condensed?
Is the text written clearly and organized logically?
Are the figures used appropriately to illustrate the text?
Are the references sufficient?

The forms and comments returned to the journal's Editor or to the responsible member of the Editorial Board that requested the reviews, are further evaluated before a recommendation is made to the Editor on whether to accept or reject a manuscript. A response of the decision and an explanation are then provided to the submitting author together with additional guidance for changes, additions or deletions - if needed.


While papers submitted to the SCIENCE OF TSUNAMI HAZARDS receive the above described basic screening, they don't have to attain the standard of representing groundbreaking work in order to be published. An article published in the journal only has to be based on solid science.

The SCIENCE OF TSUNAMI HAZARDS will consider for publications papers from a wide range of scientific disciplines, encompassing the most basic research to the most innovative technologies. Data reports on tsunami effects, on tsunami runup or other observations on manifestations of the tsunami phenomenon, may be included in the journal together with theoretical or applied research papers. For example, a paper may be included which describes tsunami impacts on agricultural coastal land and strategies for soil restoration in the same issue as papers addressing remote sensing applications to surveying tsunami effects, or papers dealing with seismotectonics of tsunami source mechanisms or mathematical modeling studies of tsunami propagation and energy flux. The content of the Journal is multidisciplinary.

The idea is that the more valid research is published, the better, as it contributes to an online database on which future research can be expanded. Furthermore, scientific debate is encouraged as it can lead to new research and discoveries. Opinions and ideas based on scientific observations are welcome for possible publication in the journal in the form of editorials or commentaries. In brief, The Tsunami Society strives for objectivity, significance and scientific quality and balance in publishing SCIENCE OF TSUNAMI HAZARDS.


The International Journal of The Tsunami Society
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